Zizins ready for the U18 and Révész paying attention to Ronnie’s advice

Aged 16, 2022 EBSA European U16 Snooker champion Artmijs Zizins spend his first day at the 16 tables settled at St. Paul’s Bay Dolmen Hotel watching and taking notes of U16 event round-robin matches in which some of the competition he’s going to face from Tuesday March 7th at the U18 event here in Malta. And he’s not playing U16 event anymore because age does not allow it anymore, otherwise…

Lots of action for the snooker fans to watch live and for free at the 16 tables settled at the Dolmen Hotel

After the Latvian surprising win in 2022 at Albania’s Shengjin Delfin Resort U16 event, Artemjs saw this Monday his good friend and 2022 runner-up Vladislav Gradinari in action at the U16 event: Vlad will also play the U18 event… like the U21 and Men: four out of four for the youngster who has passed two rounds at this years World Snooker Tour ranking event ‘Shoot Out’.

Belgian referee Bart Tournel and the total focus on the game: lots of snooker to watch in St. Paul’s Bay

Another name to take a closer look is Hungarian Bulcsú Révész, who will play also all the four events at the Dolmen Hotel in this 2023 EBSA European Snooker Championships: he still smiles when asked how was it to play three frames with Ronnie O’Sullivan and Mark Selby at the Magyar Gala, private exhibition that occured Saturday and Sunday in Budapest in front of a sold out arena.

Bulcsú Révész, on the left, beat Malta’s Andrei Cini on his first round-robin stage match this Monday

«It was an outstanding experience. I’m over the moone. I played three frames with Ronnie. If I had any chance [smiles]? Yeah, one… and that was all. But he was very, very nice to me and all of us, motivating me to kee going and follow my dream. It was a lifetime experience. Now, I wanna wim all, like him», Bulscú told us after the inspiring journey, one he’ll never forgot in his lifetime.