Anna Prysazhnuka is the new Women European champion

Anna Prysazhnuka defied the odds beating Wendy Jans to become the 2023 Women European champion. The 33-year-old is the second Latvian ever to lift the trophy after Tatjana Vasiljeva did so in 2012.

Ironically it was Vasiljeva, who Prysazhnuka beat in the quarterfinals. And even after a late-night finish to the semifinal against top seed Izabela Lacka, Prysazhnuka still had the mental power to challenge the 14-time champion Jans.

The Belgian did the heavy scoring at the beginning with breaks of 53 and 52 to lead 3:2. In the sixth trailing by 15 Jans missed a green from the spot and left it to the middle for Prysazhnuka to level.

In the nervy decider the Latvian was leading by five with only pink and black remaining when Jans overcooked the former to the top corner for what turned out to be her finals shot of the tournament. She lost only four frames during the whole tournament but with all of them coming in the final she was forced to settle for the silver medal.