Belgium duel in Masters Last 16

Belgium duel in Masters Last 16

A Belgium duel, between good friends Alain Vandersteen, aged 42, and Yvan Van Velthoven, aged 45 (both pictured together) is reserved for Last 16 2015 European Snooker European Championships round, after the two players from the country managed to beat their opponents in Last 32 matches.

In Last 32 round of matches, also Wales, with Darren Morgan and Elfed Evans, continues to show his power.

The results of Last 32 Masters European Snooker Championships, played this Wednesday afternoon, were as follows:

Elfed Evans (Wales)-Juha Lehto (Finland), 4-0

Graham Beardmore (England)-Keith Sheldrick (Ireland), 1-4

Jani Kananen (Finland)-Darren Ellis (Scotland), 4-3

Barry Campbell (Scotland)-Jamie Bodle (England), 0-4

Wayne Brown (England)-Murat Ayas (Switzerland), 4-0

Piotr Murat (Poland)-Peter Varga (Hungary), 3-4

Mario Burot (Germany)-Alain Vandersteen (Belgium), 2-4

Mindaugas Maisiejus (Lithuania)-Yvan Van Velthoven (Belgium), 0-4

Joris Maas (Netherlands)-Kevin Chan (Netherlands), 4-0

Yakov Shaashuashvili (Israel)-Alen Matic (Ireland), 1-4

Allan Norvark (Denmark)-Esa Oikarinen (Finland), 1-4

Michael Heeger (Germany)-Colin Bingham (Northern Ireland), 2-4

Lasse Petersen (Denmark)-Krystof Michal (Czech Republic), 4-1

Ebrahim Baghi (Austria)-Stephane Ochoiski (France), 2-4

Bernhard Mullner (Austria)-Tom O’Driscoll (Ireland), 4-3

Jiri Aust (Austria)-Darren Morgan (Wales), 1-4

Here is the grid for Last 16 round of matches, to be played best of seven frames, next Thursday morning June 11th, starting at 10 hours:

Elfed Evans (Wales)-Keith Sheldrick (Ireland)

Jani Kananen (Finland)-Jamie Bodle (England)

Wayne Brown (England)-Peter Varga (Hungary)

Alain Vandersteen (Belgium)-Yvan Van Velthoven (Belgium)

Joris Maas (Netherlands)-Alen Matic (Ireland)

Esa Oikarinen (Finland)-Colin Bingham (Northern Ireland)

Lasse Petersen (Denmark)-Stephane Ochoiski (France)

Bernhard Mullner (Austria)-Darren Morgan (Wales)