Bodle or Brown: England in Masters Final

Bodle or Brown: England in Masters Final

Jamie Bodle (England) beated Elfed Evans (Wales) 5-1 this Friday, and settled a 100 per cent English semifinal starting at 6 p. m., where we will face Wayne Brown, who got the same result facing the Belgian Yvan Van Velthoven, at the 2015 Masters European Snooker Chapionships, in Prague.

Welsh Darren Morgan finished France’s Stephane Ochoiski’s dream without conceding a single frame. The top favorite for the competition will face the underdog Joris Maas (Netherlands), who beat Colin Bingham (Norther Ireland) in the most balanced match of this quarterfinals (5-3).

Semifinals will start still this Friday, at 6 p. m., and will also be played best of nine frames.


Elfed Evans (Wales)-Jamie Bodle (England), 1-5

Wayne Brown (England)-Yvan Van Velthoven (Belgium), 5-1

Joris Maas (Netherlands)-Colin Bingham (Northern Ireland), 5-3

Stephane Ochoiski (France)-Darren Morgan (Wales), 0-5

–     SEMIFINALS (race to 5, starting 6 p. m.):

Jamie Bodle (England)-Wayne Brown (England)

Joris Maas (Netherlands)-Darren Morgan (Wales)