Bradley Tyson redefines the style

Glamorous black and white shoes make our heads turn to Bradley Tyson. Welshman classy golf styling shoes are one of a kind among the 32 players still battling to lift the Trophy in U18 European Snooker Championships.

«Found them fancy. Costed me about 100 pounds, yes. As long as they’re confortable, suits me», told us the 16 years old competitor, «perfectly aware» that’s is getting also some attention from the other players and also the crowds due to the classy feet outfit.

With a 86 points break in practice and 68 in competition as his best, Tyson, who is not related to the former homonymous heavy weight boxing champion Mike, smiles facing the general curiosity. «No, my father is not a boxeur too or have any family conections. Only hope this shoes boost me to go as far as I can in the competition».