By the fan’s eyes

Austrian Alexander Trinkl has been a few days in Shengjin as a snooker passionate and also a lover of photography following the steps of all their fellow countrymen at the 2022 European Snooker Championships and trying to catch a different perspective of the competition and it’s multiple magical moments.

Trinkl got back to Viena June 15th but captured some astonishing pictures of those moments who never come up on History books: funny details of players, fans and referes, or a closer look to the clothing and shoes.

A glance of his immense talent we are honored and thankful we can share with the vast community of snooker fans not only from across Europe but from over the world. Thank you, Alexander Trinkl for this wonderful pictures – all photo credits belong to him. Priceless.

The opportunity to register timeless moments remains for all snooker lovers at the event until June 19th.