Much more than a competition

The 2022 EBSA European Snooker Championships are also a chance to relax during the competition for the ones who are watching.

Words are not enough to describe the gathering during 13 days in an European Snooker Championship

If for the ones who chose Shengjin as their holidays destination the possibility of watching the event is icing the cake, some glances and portraits of the place will be recorded in everyone’s minds: there’s much more to see than snooker.

Frenchman Jérémy Dorchies feeling sleepy while watching his fellow countryman playing

For the ones who ended their events or just supporting fellow countryman or countrywoman, it’s time to enjoy the pool, the beach and to know the city.

Italy, Moldova and England in one shot: rivalry but a huge mutual respect – snooker builds bridges

But the race for 4 european crowns is still on the run, with Men’s event finishing this Friday but Teams (Men, Women and Seniors) to be played until Sunday June 19th at the Shengjin’s Delfin Resort. Today, all eyes on Men’s event best of 9 Frames final scheduled to be played at 4 p.m.

Welshman Alex Taubman fixing the bow: good mood and relax before the competition