Century hat trick for Chandler

Three magnificent 118, 109 and 104 breaks for England’s Harvey Chandler: he tops the list among the 177 competitors regarding three digits breaks, being the one to get an ‘hat trick’ at St. Paul’s Bay Dolmen Hotel so far in Men’s competition.

England’s Asghley Carty: two centuries so far in Malta at the Men’s competition

Until this Friday morning best of 7 Frames Last 16 round matches underway in Malta, 22 competitors got already the benchmark, but Chandler is the only one to sign three: his fellow countryman Ashley Carty got another two centuries

Welshman Jack Bradford got a 119 and a 101 break in Malta

Welshman Jack Bradford also joined the ‘Century Club’ here in Malta with a double: sublime 119 and 101 breaks for Cymru dragon who’s facing Finland’s Robin Hull in Last 16 round this morning.

Latvian Rodion Judin was the first ro qualify to ‘quarters’ this morning: 4-0 victory facing Alex Borg

Top break of Men’s competition is still for Ukraine U21 runner-up Iulian Boiko, with a sublime 139 break. And of the 4 competitions – U16, U18, U21 and Mend -, the best break belongs to Latvia’s Andrejs Pripjoks: 141 points.