Chandler and Brown set up an All-English final

Harvey Chandler and Wayne Brown set up an All-English final of the 6-Red event at the 2023 European Championships in Albena (Bulgaria). Chandler added another substantial break (68) to his impressive tally beating Shachar Ruberg (Israel) 4:0 while Brown beat Nicolas Mortreux (France) 4:1 despite having just 15 minutes break between his quarterfinal and semifinal.

Chandler was solid in all aspects and didn’t give a chance to Ruberg. The Israeli left-hander spent most of the time escaping from snookers and [laying safeties, scoring just 18 points for the duration of the match.

On the other table Brown managed to keep high-scoring Mortreux at bay dominating the safety exchange. The veteran even finished the match with a bang, knocking a 59 in the fifth frame.

The 6-Red final is set for 16:00 local time (15:00 CET) this afternoon.