Dutch battle in Last 32 Masters round

Dutch battle in Last 32 Masters round

A match between two players from Holland Joris Maas, aged 41 (pictured), and Levin Chan, aged 52, was the most curious ending of the draw for 2015 European Snooker Championship Last 33 draw, that took place this Tuesday in Prague.

Juha Lehto (Finland) and Hugh Adams (Scotland) playedthis Tuesday night a play off match – best of seven frames, like Last 32, first round in knock-out stages – to find Elfed Evans (Wales) opponent in next round. In the end of Last 33 round, Lehto won 4-0 and will face the plahyer from Wales in Last 32 round Wednesday.

The Last 32 Masters round will be played Wednesday, starting at 15 hours, with the following matches:

Elfed Evans (Wales)-Winner of play off match Juha Lehto (Finland)/Hugh Adams (Scotland)

Graham Beardmore (England)-Keith Sheldrick (Ireland)

Jani Kananen (Finland)-Darren Ellis (Scotland)

Barry Campbell (Scotland)-Jamie Bodle (England)

Wayne Brown (England)-Murat Ayas (Switzerland)

Piotr Murat (Poland)-Peter Varga (Hungary)

Mario Burot (Germany)-Alain Vandersteen (Belgium)

Mindaugas Maisiejus (Lithuania)-Yvan Van Velthoven (Belgium)

Joris Maas (Netherlands)-Kevin Chan (Netherlands)

Yakov Shaashuashvili (Israel)-Alen Matic (Ireland)

Allan Norvarck (Denmark)-Esa Oikarinen (Finland)

Michael Heeger (Germany)-Colin Bingham (Northern Ireland)

Lasse Petersen (Denmark)-Krystof Michal (Czech Republic)

Ebrahim Baghi (Austria)-Stephane Ochoiski (France)

Bernhard Mullner (Austria)-Tom O’Driscoll (Ireland)

Jiri Aust (Austria)-Darren Morgan (Wales)