England raises the flag

England raises the flag

Polish Adam Stepanov and young austrian Florian Nuble, with two wins each, are well positioned in Group J to go through from round-robin stage to last 64  of the U21 European Snooker Championships that are taking place in Malta.

Irish Shane Bates and croatian Filip Bermanec, with one win, can also dream about continue in the tournament. Same thing happens in Group K, where Darryl Hill and Belgian Jeff Jacobs (two wins each) are the main favourites to go through by now.

In Group L, english William Lemmons distinguishes himself from the crowd, with two wins, but latvian Rodion Judin and israelis Maor Shalom still point for the title.

Good Old England raises her flag also in Group M: Luke Garland won two matches and has one foot on next round, while Stephen Bateman (Ireland) and local maltese player Chris Peplow, with one win each, are almost having their visa to last 64, too.