European 6 red Champion Mateusz Baranowski

European 6 red Champion Mateusz Baranowski

Mateusz Baranowski (Poland) is the first European 6 Reds Snooker Champion – he won the final 4/3 against Lukas Kleckers (Germany). Semi-finalists: Wayne Brown (England) and Ivan Kakovsky (Russia). All four players have also won their qualification to participate in the SangSom 6 Reds World Snooker Championship to be played next September in Bangkok / Thailand.

Three of the top four players are U21 players (Juniors) : Mateusz (18), Lukas (20) and Ivan (17) which is very promoting for the future of the game in Europe. 

One of the most interesting games played today was undoubtedly the quarter final match between the Russian player Ivan Kakovski and Craig McGillivary (Scotland). Ivan was 3/1 down and fought back to win the match and at the same time his qualification to the 6 Reds Worlds in Thailand.

Another closely fought contest happened at the last 16 between the multiple European and Belgian Ladies champion Wendy Jans and Mateusz Baranowski : Wendy was leading 3/1 and finally lost 4/3 this game was very impressive.

Also a match between the German player R. Otto and the Lithuanian one K. Afanasjev. The game began with a crushing victory of the first frame by the German player. However, K. Afanasjev managed to get the result in a tie (3:3) by the 6th frame and finally triumphed in the 7th. Very motivationg for the Lithuanian players…!