Famous five for Last 16

Famous five for Last 16

Polish Adam Stefanów, Tim De Ruyter (Netherlands), maltese star Brian Cini and scottish Dylan Craig and Chris Totten were the first five players to qualify this tuesday for Last 16 round.

From 16 matches of this round of the U21 European Snooker Championships, there are still 11 matches on its course. The eight matches of all Last 16 round will be played on wednesday, starting 10 a.m. local time (9 a.m. in UK), but schedules are already defined, as followed:

Matches of Last 32:

Rhys Clark (Sco)-Kacper Filipiak (Pol) STILL PLAYING

Lukas Kleckers (Ger)- Belan Sharif (Swe) STILL PLAYING

Josh Boileau (Irl)- Rodion Judin (Lat) STILL PLAYING

Marvin Losi (Swi)-Adam Stepanów (Pol), 0-4

Luke Garland (Eng)- Patrick Maslowski (Pol) STILL PLAYING

Maor Shalom (Isr)- Shachar Ruberg (Isr) STILL PLAYING

Kamil Zubrzycki (Pol)-Callum Lloyd (Wal) STILL PLAYING

Simon Lichtenberg (Ger)-Darryl Hill (Iom) STILL PLAYING

Louis Heathcote (Eng)-Tim De Ruyter (Hol), 4-0

Vilius Schulte (Lit -Chris Totten (Sco), 0-4

Tom Rees (Wal)-Olli-Pekka Virho (Fin) STILL PLAYING

Yannick Tarillon (Fra)-Brian Cini (Mlt), 1-4

Dylan Craig (Sco)-Lee Mein (Sco), 4-2 

Shane Bates (Irl)-Vladu Mihai (Rom) STILL PLAYING

William Lemons (Eng)-Jeff Jacobs (Bel) STILL PLAYING

Mateusz Baranowski (Pol)-Jamie Clarke (Wal) STILL PLAYING

Last 16 round (Wednesday morning, from 10 a.m., best of seven frames)

Winner of Rhys Clark (Sco)/Kacper Filipiak (Pol)-Winner of Lukas Kleckers (Ger)/Belan Sharif (Swe)

Winner of Josh Boileau (Irl)/Rodion Judin (Lat)-Adam Stepanów (Pol)

Winner of Luke Garland (Eng)/Patrick Maslowski (Pol)-Winner of Maor Shalom (Isr)/Shachar Ruberg (Isr)

Winner of Kamil Zubrzycki (Pol)/Callum Lloyd (Wal)-Winner of Simon Lichtenberg (Ger)/Darryl Hill (Iom)

Louis Heathcote (Eng)-Chris Totten (Sco)

Winner of Tom Rees (Wal)/Olli-Pekka Virho (Fin)-Brian Cini (Mlt)

Dylan Craig (Sco)-Winner of Shane Bates (Irl)/Vladu Mihai (Rom)

Winner of William Lemons (Eng)/Jeff Jacobs (Bel)-Winner of Mateusz Baranowski (Pol)/Jamie Clarke (Wal)