Fans start to sold out the venue

The biggest attendance so far in the European Championships since March 6th came this Monday night’s best of 5 Frames round-robin matches at the St. Paul’s Bay Dolmen Hotel venue.

Lothar Malia, Ivan Brincat and Alex Borg: Malta’s supporters are in bigger number, starting by the MBSA President and all their competitors

Besides all the fans, coming in a bigger number to Malta to watch the Men’s championship, now it’s the fellow contrymen supporting their team mates in the tough battles who can last for hours: it´s time for the decisions before the knock-out stages, and none of them wants to lose the train towards next station.

A now ‘blonde’ Frenchman Brian Ochoiski battling at the best of 5 Frames round-robin matches

France’s Nicolas Mortreux, Alexis Callewaert and Neil Vincent couldn’t stop on their chairs watching Brian Ochoiski playing. Same friendship and spirit from the locals, with Alex Borg, Brian Cini, Phillip Ciantar and some other Malta’s aces following with extreme attention their fellow countrymen’s Chris Peplow’s match: he claimed victory by 3 Frames without reply facing U21 european Champion Scotland’s Liam Graham this day.

Nicolas Mortreux, Neil Vincent and Alexis Callewaert watching Brian Ochoiski playing and supporting him

But the break between matches is also a good time to relax and chat with their own families or comepetitors that aways turn out to became good friends for the future: that is one of the priceless felling money can not buy and that defines, each year, the EBSA European Snooker Championships, no matter where.

Poland’s joy: referee Maciej Grzegorz Lesiak and Daniel Holoyda in a good mood between the audience

In a typical summer or tropical day in Malta, many were the ones tho took the chance to a not su busy schedule of playing to see their families, promenade or go to the pool and refresh themselves, recharging batteries for the strong emotions still to come in the Men’s championship.

Rodion Judins and Vilius Schulte: after one year away, much to talk… mainly and not surprinsigly about snooker

The emotions of the best of 5 Frames round-robin stage matches will continue next Tuesday at St. Paul’s Bay Dolmen Hotel, more and more with sold out audiences at the venue and with the fans coming day after day increasing the stands until Saturday March 18th and the Grande Final to find who succeeds Estonian Andres Petrov as king.

Malta’s Duncan Bezzina and her soulmate: take a depp breathe of family support before next match