111 break for Jamie Curtis-Barrett

England’s Jamie Curtis-Barrett got a big clapping from the fans this Tuesday morning at the St. Paul’s Bay Dolmen Hotel with a century break os 111 points on Frame 1 of his best of 5 Frames round-robin match in Group AA facing Turkey’s Enes Bakirci, in which he claimed victory by 3 Frames without reply from his opponent.

England’s Martin O’Donnell aiming to get back on tour

Aged 26 and former ‘pro’ during two years (2016 until 2018), the Grimsby ace and winner of the 2022 English Amateur Championship (beat John Welsh 10-5 at the final), is also one of the main candidates applying for the european crown and the nomination from EBSA to World Snooker so that he can, once again, join the tour.

EBSA Chairman Maxime Cassis and Tournament Manager Laszlo Bekk welcome Scotland’s Ross Muir

Jamie and his fellow countrymen and also aged 36 and former ‘pro’ Martin O’Donnel, along with Ashley Carty, are among the strongest names in the Men’s competition in Malta. But Scotland already has won the U16 and U21 championships and has also competitors to consider, like Michael Collumb and the 3rd in 2020, Ross Muir.

Welshman ace Liam Davis, U18 european champion in 2022: watch out for Cymru Dragons