Ireland 2 beat main irish team in Masters

Ireland 2 beat main irish team in Masters

Team Ireland 2 (Alen Matic/Shane Gorman) got the big surprise of this Tuesday’s Last 16 round of matches at the Snooker European Championships that are taking place in Malta, beating the main team from the country, Ireland 1 (Anthony Bonnar, pictured/Peter Donegan) by 4-1.

Concluded this afternoon Last 16 round of matches, the quarterfinals of the European Snooker Masters (over 40 years) Teams Championship will be played still this Tuesday (best of seven frames), starting 18 hours.

The Last 8 round will be played by the following order: singles, singles, scotch doubles, singles, singles, and scotch doubles from 1st to 6th frame: 7th frame player will be for the teams to decide who plays the singles.  


Wales 4-Wales 2, 4-1

Scotland 1-Malta 2, 4-2

Ireland 1-Ireland 2, 1-4

Ukraine-England, 2-4

Wales 3-Netherlands 2, 4-0

Scotland 2-Malta 4, 1-4

Malta 1-Belgium, 1, 4-1

Malta 3-Wales 1, 3-4

QUARTERFINAL MATCHES (this Tuesday, 18 hours):

– Wales4 (Darren Morgan/Elfed Evans)-Scotland1 (Mike Watson/Paul Jamison)

– Ireland2 (Alen Matic/Shane Gorman)-England (Jamie Bodle/Graham Beardmore)

– Wales3 (Peter Roscoe/Wayne Morgan)-Malta 4 (Mario Brincat/Mark Saffret)

– Malta1 (Simon Zammit/Jason Peplów)-Wales1 (Ian Sargeant/Neil Tomkins)

The semis (best of seven frames) and the final (best of nine frames) will be played next Wednesday, April 1st.

The European Snooker Masters (players over 40 years) Teams will end next Wednesday, April the 1st, at the Dolmen Resort Hotel, in Malta.