Snooker big family pulls together to support autism

Snooker big family pulls together to support autism

Only a few of us can imagine, and even so they might fail by a milestone, what is to have an autistic child in your family. Yes, that same disease for what the world wake up with the outstanding role of Dustin Hofman in 1988 ‘Rain Man’. But the billiards and snooker family showed, during this U21 and Teams European Championships, that they have a huge heart and gave the example about how to help.

If calling general attention to the particular needs of the autistic is worth an Oscar to the actor, assistant tournament director of this European Snooker Championships, Eugene O’Connor, did a tremendous job during this two weeks, asking everyone (players, relatives, friends, referees, staff of the tournament, fans) to contribute and help the cause. «Every penny counts», he said, again and again.

«Nobody refused. I feel overjoyed and a real pride for being part of the snooker family as with their help I have collected over 500 euros to help ‘The Steppingstone Foundation’, an organization that helps autistic children.  I want to say a big thank you to all, on behalf of them», told us a proud and devoted grandfather.

Solidarity is not a vacant word, and snooker is on pole position to embrace the cause. May others follow the example of this enormous grandfather, who makes us look small by what he does to help his grandson Theo (pictured with his uncle), aged three, autistic. Happy is the grandson who has a grandfather so humble and with this fiber.

All the ones that want and may contribute, can still do it online (WWW.VIRGINMONEYGIVING.COM/RUNFORTHEO).