Italy’s earning experience

Italy’s earning experience

Besides Bosnia-Herzegovina, Italy’s presence is another of the main news in the 2015 European Snooker Championships that started this Wednesday and will joy Czech Republic’s capital, Prague, until the 13th of June.

«Who’s that guy that look like Santa Claus?», one of the 200 players competing in the competition that is taking place at the Top Hotel asks surprised. After all, Davide Coltro, main responsible of Ambrosian Snooker Academy, in Milano, does have lots of resemblances with the figure that fulfills our imagination every Christmas.

«We have lots of students, trying to learn snooker. Italy’s increasing the interest in this fascinating sport», told Davide Poltro to EBSA, befora another match he took place in the Masters event. And not even been washed up (0-4) by welsh Elfed Evans in his première disappoints the player and teacher. «It’s our first time, this is a party, a big family, we have to earn some experience and to learn how to do it», said Davide Coltro.

Winning a frame could be already a victory on Italy’s first participation. But, along with Claudio Costa and Massimiliano Sabetta’s participation on Men’s event, too, Italy has arrived to stay. For sure.