Shut family shows lhe way

Shut family shows lhe way

Vadzim Shut and Yana Shut ano well knowned in the circuit. After all, the descendent of the family attends European Championships and the main continental events for four years, and the Belarus family is recognized all over the place: father supports daughter, but the opposite is also true.

«I’m proud of my father. He got the love for snooker in me. I wanna become the best snooker player I can», told us a proud Yana, one of the 27 brave ladies who will obstacle belgian star and favourite Wendy Jans big odds to be crown European queen.

While Yana won her first match this Wednesday, her daddy didn’t had a chance against welsh Elfed Evans (0-4) in Masters competition.

But Mister Shut loves the game and never loses his smile. And seeing his eyes shining when he hugs his daughter, knowing the tradition of snooker will remain in the family one day he won’t play no more, worths a thousand words.

Pure proud. And he should be. In Prague, like they were in Malta’s Euro Under-21 European Championships.