Maltese falcons flying high in Albena

The morning session of Day 3 of the 2023 European Senior individual Championships in Albena (Bulgaria) was a great success for the Maltese players. Two of them won to book a spot in the knockout stage while another one despite the loss also secured a Top 2 finish in the group.

Alex Borg had no problems in his match against Marcin Bek (Poland). Despite having just one sizeable contribution (42 in the last frame) former Pro Tour member won 3:0 to finish top of Group E.

Philip Ciantar secured the top spot in Group G after clean sweeping Jani Kananen (Finland). After a nervy opening frame that ended by a 5-minute long battle on the black, neither player found rhythm until the end but with a couple of clearances Ciantar finished as a 3:0 winner that propelled hit to the first place in the standings.

With the loss Kananen was pipped by Khurram Khan (Wales) for the second place while Vladimir Ivanov (Bulgaria) finished bottom of the group.

In Group K Joris Maas (Netherlands) claimed the top spot after beating Arthur Cachia (Malta) 3:1. The third frame proved to be decisive as Ciantar fired a quick 38 break before running out of position. Slowly Maas erased the deficit to win the frame and after another long tactical battle in the fourth recorded his third straight win of the championship.