Massive thank you to the referees deserves champagne

They are always there to help the players and are priceless, even in camaraderie. That’s why Competition Manager Laszlo Bekk took the chance this Thursday night to gather the referees at the 2023 European Snnooker Championships: to thank them for their effort and help to make the blue riband EBSA annual tournament a huge sucess.

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«Without the referees and their contribution, that would not be possible to happen, the Championships couldn not be a sucess, either. They’re always there to help each other, working a lot of hours a day so that nothing misses to the players», told us Laszlo Bekk, emotional with the extreme bonds and friendship among this fantastic referees snooker family.

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And, as promised, champagne could not miss, with peanuts just to mark the moment, after 11 days and more than 700 matches for the 41 referees, that there are only 15 matches more to go before the lights go down and the Championships finish, next Saturday, with the Best of 9 Frames Grand Final Match of the Men’s competition starting from 6 p.m.

Competition Manager Laszlo Bekk did not miss a chance to thank ‘refs’ for their generous dedication