Masters Last 33 still with 11 seats available

Masters Last 33 still with 11 seats available

Still 11 places available for Last 33 in Masters 2015 European Snooker Championships, with only one day to go before the end of round-robin stage, with the players mostly with only one match to go. A total of 22 are already through to next round.

The number of wins is decisive, and frame difference is the following way to decide who goes through, in case two players end the group stage  tied in wins achieved.

In Group A, Elfed Evans (Wales, five wins) and Yakov Shaashuashvili (Israel, four wins) got their ticket, while Jiri Aust (Austria), Mohammed Leysi (Turkey) and Marc Chouillier (France) will battle for the last empty until Tuesday night.

One place that’s all that remains in Group B, where Wayne Bron (England) won all his five matches, and Esa Oikarinen (Finland), with four wins, have already ended successfully this round-robin stage. Robert Watkins (Wales, one win) Ebrahim Baghi (Austria, two wins) and Stepan Delyatynskyy (Ukraine, one win) battle for last one

Colin Bingham (Northern Ireland) made four out of four until now in Group C and secured his ticket, while three players struggle for the last two places: Peter Varga (Hungary, three wins), Juha Lehto (Finland, also three wins) and Asgeir Gudbjartsson (Iceland, two wins).

Darren Morgan (Wales, four wins in four matches) is the only already thorugh in Group D, with another three players running for the last two tickets, Darren Ellis (Scotland, three wins), Piotr Murat (Poland, three) and Pál Vantara (two wins) still keeping their hopes to be in Last 33.

In Group E, Lasse Petersen (Denmark, four wins) rules and three more fight for two places: Graham Beardmore (England, three wins), Mindaugas Majiejus (Lithuania, two wins) and Jón Ingi Aegison (Iceland, two wins).

Jamie Bodie (England) and Bernard Mullner (Austria) have four wins each and play Tuesday for the first place in Group F, where Kevin Chan (Netherlands, two wins), but also Roni Ben Dayan (Israel, one win) and Davide Coltro (Italy, one win) can still about completing the trio to go through.

Joris Maas (Netherlands) and Mário Burot (Germany) will also play Tuesday just for the first place in Group G, both qualified with four wins until now. Hugh Adams (Scotland, two wins) and Krzystof Kubicki (Poland, one win) battle for last empty seat.

All decided in Group H, with Keith Sheldrick (Ireland, four wins), Allan Norvark (Denmark, three wins) and Murat Ayas (Switzerland, three wins) going through to Last 33.

 Yvan Van Velthoven (Belgium) and Alen Matic (Ireland) won their four matches in Group J and are already through, where Kryztof Michal (Czech Republic, two wins) looks also well positioned.

In Group L, Alain Vandersteen (Belgium, +5), Barry Campbell (Scotland, +4) and Stephane Ochoiski (France, +3) are away by far and will be a surprise if anyone of them don’t makes it to Last 33.

All decided in Group K, with Jari Kananen (Finland, four wins) Tom O’Driscoll (Ireland, three wins) and Michael Heegen (Germany, three wins) qualified.

Finally, in Group L, pictured Stephan Ochoiski (France, three wins), Alain Vandersteen (Belgium, two wins) and Barry Campbell (Scotland, two wins) got the ticket.

The 33th and the 32th of the ranking will have to play each other, to define who goes through the 16 matches of Last 32 knock-out stage.