Men’s and Seniors Teams semis live now

Men’s and Seniors events semifinals of the 2022 EBSA European Snooker Championships are on the run now at Shengjin’s Delfin resort.

Wales vs England – Seniors semis on the run

In the Men’s Teams event, the reigning 2021 champions, Belgium’s Kevin Hanssens and Julien Leclercq face Ukraine (Iulian Boiko and Sergyi Isayenko). The match referee is Germany’s Ali Feizollahi with Finland’s Mikko Salama as marker.

Ireland vs Belgium: Seniors semifinal

Poland (Mateusz Baranowski and Antoni Kowalski) battles with Finland (Heikki Niva and Patrik Tiihonen) at Men’s Teams semifinal 2, a match refereed by Portugal’s Vítor Augusto with Czech Karel Salavec as marker.

The reigning Men’s Teams champions, Belgium, face Ukraine in the semifinal

At Seniors event semifinal 2, Belgium (Peter Bullen and Pascal Tollenaere) battles with Ireland (Stephen Walsh and John O’Sullivan) in a match refereed by Turkey’s Cemile Asci with her fellow countrywoman Yasemin Bagiran as marker.

In the Seniors Teams event, Wales (Darren Morgan and Philip Wiliams, IBSF 2010 World Seniors Champion) is facing England (Wayne Brown and Shaun Wilkes in semifinal 1. The match referee is Turkey’s Selcuk Atmaca with his fellow countryman Sermet Dagli as marker.

All the Men’s and Seniors Teams events this Sunday are to play best of 7 frames. The finals of the three Teams events – including the Women, Poland (Dalia Alska and Kinga Petrzak) vs France (Ophélie Laval and Angelique Vialard) – will be played this Sunday June 19th at 3 p.m.