Competition increasing in Ladies and Seniors events

The Seniors Last 32 best of 5 Frames round matches in the Seniors event and the Last 16 round best of 5 Frames matches in the ladies tournament of the 2022 EBSA European Snooker Championships are live now at Shengjin’s Delfin Resort.

Emese Várady, from Hungary: Ladies tournament Last 16 round on the run this Monday

Welshman Darren Morgan runs for what might be his 12th European title in the Seniors event while Belgium’s Wendy Jans tries to claim one astonishing 14th European title in the Women’s tournament.

Juan Pablo Duran and Spain’s hopes for a good campaign in the Seniors event

The competition is increasing at the 19 tables at the venue this Monday morning, the day of Men’s event kick-off. In the Men’s event Albania will see in action starting 1 p.m. local time 120 competitors from 40 countries around Europe, playing in 30 groups the best of 5 Frames round-robin matches and trying to end top 2 in this earlier stage of the competition.

Welshman Darren Morgan trying a 12th Seniors european title: impressive

The goal for 120 players is to continue to the first of the knock-out stages, the Last 60 round, and try to suceed England’s Oliver Brown as the new european champion.