Morgan gets his 12th Seniors crown!

Welshman Darren Morgan hold his own crown at the Seniors 2022 EBSA European Snooker Championship claiming victory in the decider of the final match at Shengjin’s Delfin Resort facing England’s Wayne Brown (4-3) this Tuesday night.

EBSA Chairman Simon Smith, Darren Morgan, Wayne Brown and EBSA General Secretary Simon Smith

Morgan and Brown were both awarded by EBSA with a nomination to take part in the World Games that will take place in America next July.

German’s referee Christoph Levin and Hungarian marker Gabor Batori with an historial day as well.

«Was very hard. I’m feeling very tired. It was very difficult», told as the aged 56 Welshman, after getting the cup and retaining the European title for a record 12th time. Almost unreal longevity in the sport.

England’s Shaun Wilkes scored the highest break at Seniors event: 128 points

A legendary legacy and astonishing benchmark. England’s Shaun Wilkes scored the top break in Seniors event, with 128 points, and got hiz prize too, as well as both semifinalists placed 3rd in the event, Malta’s Duncan Bezzina and Belgium’s Peter Bullen

Game, set, match & Seniors championship for the Welsh legend: astonishing getting a 12th title!