Norvark adds joy with his waistcoat

Norvark adds joy with his waistcoat

The dress code has always been an healthy tradition in snooker, but in the last years colors, under the most inventive and imaginative ways, have earn some space in the sport.

Colored bows or shoes, or even more rare waistcoats out of the box have been used by players, and this 2015 European Snooker Championships are not an exception to a slight touch of difference.

Like the Danish Masters player Allan Norvark, aged 49, who’s waistcoat demands a second look, trying to guess if it has mouths or flowers stamped in deep blue.

«Costed me about 110 euros in Copenhagen, and no, it wasn´t my wife’s choice, was mine. Found it funny, suited me. I only wish my game in the table could be noticed as it», told us the Scandinavian player, who´s bow makes a match, and has been bringing success so far: two matches, two wins, six frames won, none lost.