On Tyler’s shoes

The U18 european champion in 2016 charms if you start looking down, towards his feet and his fancy shoes. The kind of the ones absolutely original, with several drawings and decoration figures on top.

Tyler Rees is already qualified for the knock-out stage at Men’s competition in Malta: he was U18 champion in 2016

The now aged 24 Tyler Rees smiles. «Yeah, I’ve beeen having a good feedback about them, even a referee one of this days told me ‘nice shoes!’. How much? A houndred pounds, at Embassy Shoes, London», was the ‘secret’ shared by the Welshman competitor in a blink of an eye.

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Seven years ago, Tyler battled with his fellow countryman Jackson Page and claimed victory by 5 Frames to 2 at the U18 event, in an edition of the European Championships that he was also simultaneously playing the U21 competition, establishing a new ‘one day number of frames played record’.

Zoom to clarify: yes, you probably never saw anything like it

«I remember, started at 8 a.m., ended up past midnight: I’ve played 29 frames in one day, won the U18 competition and was in ‘quarters’ at the U21 leading by 3 Frames do 1 when I seemed to see three balls instead of one: tried to hit the middle one, but lost in the decider [3-4]. Massive, I was so tired. We were sitted at the hotel lobby bar sofa talking about it when Israel’s Amir Nardeia passes by, listens and turns to me saying ‘Man, I just finished my matches in U18 and U21 this day and beat you: I’ve played 30 frames in one day’. Impressive. I was so, so tired», adds Tyler.

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In 2018, Rees was also runner-up at the U21 EBSA European Championship, but could not resist Simon Lichtenberg in the Grand Final: the German prevailed and clamed victory and the U 21 european crown fve years ago by 6 Frames to 3.

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