Shine bright like a diamond

Rihanna’s smashing hit makes Marvin Losi and girlffriend Clara smile and they rush themselves to clarify: no, the diamonds the aged 26 Switzerland competitor has on his ears are not real, «just cheap glass».

Clara and Marvin Losi: loving the time here in Malta… even if the Swiss competitor is out at Men’s Championship

«I’ve started wearing the 1st when I was about 11 or 12 years, and the 2nd six years later. I like the visual effect, yes. If the ladies like him? You better ask Clara», he told us: she was saying yes simultaneously. And Clara is clear: Losi still did not offer her a real diamond with any particular question concerning engagement.

A similar one is on his right ear: style is everything and Marvin Losi knows it well

With a 111 break in competition and a 140 at practice, Marvin Losi is becoming a regular at Men’s Championships and agrees: it’s not usual to see Men competing at the table with jewells. Even fake ones. «I even forget they’re there, feel confortable», says the shining Swiss who lost the three best of 5 round robin’s matches he has so far on Group T of the Men’s competiton: he will not make it to knock-out Last 72 round.

Marvin Losi will have his last match in Malta this Wednesday afternoon, facing Servian Marko Silkovic

Howevwer, Marvin Losi will still have a last chance to shine in Malta this Wednesday afternoon: he faces Serbian’s Marko Silkovic on his farewell to St. Paul’s Bay and last Group T match. Even not as a winner (yet), Losi sure got some attention.