Referees Retreat

Referees Retreat

At the midpoint in the three EBSA championships being staged in Poland, the visiting international and local referees met on Friday morning to spend time together to attend a refereeing workshop, to explore the rules in greater depth and gain and share useful tips for refereeing, including how to manage unexpected and unusual situations at the table during matches.

Ingo Schmidt (Germany) and Nico De Vos (Belgium) led the workshop and encouraged all referees to play an active part in the seminar, with a number of teaser and technical situations, to promote discussion.

The workshop is a new initiative for referees to attend during major European Championships and is part of an exciting range of developments that are being introduced as part of the development of referees and promoting consistency of refereeing standards.

Simon Smith, EBSA General Secretary and Competition Director for the Championships in Poland thanked the large team of 40 referees from around Europe for volunteering their time and making the commitment to ensuring that the Championships in Poland were successfully delivered.