Referees welcome meeting for a fantastic event

Any doubts about the competition that any of the 38 referees from 19 European countries here at 2022 European Snooker Championships at Shengjin’s Delfin Resort might have has cleared in a meeting before the 10 a.m. session of the U18 event started this Tuesday morning.

EBSA Chairman Maxime Cassis adressed a warm welcome to all the referees for this year’s Championships

All the 5 ladies and 33 men refereeing at the event listened to EBSA General Secretary Simon Smith explanations, such as the ones from Tournament Director João Leão and EBSA Chairman Maxime Cassis.

Moldova referees and Vladislav Gradinari ready for the action in Shengjin

Maxime Cassis gave them a warm welcome and in a few words to the ladies and gentlemen who are in charge at the tables trusted they will have all the conditions for a great tournament in Albania.

Tournament manager João Leão explaining all the conditions to the referees

A good occasion to exchange useful information for this next 13 days at Albania event and to clear all doubts from the referees, big snooker fans and always ready to do their best for the love of the sport and help the players to clarify any issue, rule or doubt they might have.

The ones are not still playing make a good use of some spare time at the pool

Turkey is the most represented country among the referee’s here at Albania: 5 referees, while Moldova, Albania, Finland, Belgium and Portugal are represented by 3, each and everyone of them.

Portuguese referees Vítor Augusto, Miguel Santos and André Santos enjoying the beach before the action

Some took time-off on Monday to know Shengjin or simply like the Portuguese trio André Santos, Miguel Santos and Vítor Augusto – to dive at the 30 degrees Mediterranean Sea Shengjin beach, facing the hotel before the emotions of the competitions started this Tuesday morning.