Salavec’s clothes and Ruivo’s cue still lost

It’s a classic with so many players and referees flying to the hometowns of the EBSA European Championships or simply travelling by plane around the world: the lost luggage bad luck this time hit Czech Republic’s referee Karel Salavec and Portuguese player Miguel Ruivo on their way to Shengjin.

Czech referee Karel Salavec still wonders where is his luggage from the plane, but already in action

The 47 years old Class 2 czech referee only in the middle of this Tuesday’s afternoon were, and only thanks to the efforts of the Tournament Office, EBSA and the Albania Snooker Federation, but also from somebody else’s borrowed clothing, to be in his first match.

Always in a good mood, Salavec got somebody else’s clothes and is doing is passion: refereeing

But Karel never lost his hope neither the smile during the long one day waiting that he still does not know when it’s going to end: his luggage is still lost and did not arrive to Shengjin’s Delfin Resort, home of the 2022 EBSA European Snooker Championships.

Ruivo, on the right, is playing with a cue arranged by the Albania Snooker Association in the hour

It’s a classic, but bad luck never comes alone only for one. A nightmare and still no sign of his cue also hit the Portuguese player Miguel Ruivo, who’s cue was also lost in luggage in the trip from Portugal until Albania.

The portuguese player Miguel Ruivo lost his first two matches of the U18 round-robin stage

Ruivo will play the U21 event and already had to play two U18 Group H round-robin matches this Tuesday with a ‘last hour saving cue’ the Albanese Snooker Federation managed to get in a lone for him to play.

Even with a cue which he has never ever knew before, Ruivo managed to win a frame in two matches

But the outcome could never be the same for the youngster, who has already lost do Latvia’s Filips Kalnin 0-3 and to Scottish John Borwick 1-3.

Poland’s Krzysztof Czapnik bow had also to be fixed by his fellow countrymen: that’s a minor problem

Ruivo has lost all his chances in the U18 event to go through to the knock-out stages already. However, Miguel Ruivo will has to face this Tuesday Ukraine’s Heorhii Petrunko, in his third and last match of the round-robin stage at the first of the two events he’s playing at the 2022 EBSA European Snooker Championships, hoping for his cue case to be found and delivered in time and perfect conditions to him.