Salgado’s «unique conditions» seduce everybody

All the players, referees and staff since the beginning of this 2020 European Snooker Championships have been showing their appreciation for the Salgados Palace Hotel conditions Sala Loulé’s Venue of the event with the 16 tables challenging everyone to show their talent.

«I’m in business for 25 years and all I can tell is that this one is the best conditions we had to organize the European Championships! These are really unique conditions: the venue is fantastic, o hotel is super, weather is nice and Portuguese Federation did his best with huge hospitality. I wanna and should thank them for that», told us EBSA’s Chairman Maxime Cassis.

The 228 rooms 5 star fabulous resort hotel and spa with his own golf course, playground park and Salgados Beach just a couple of minutes away walinking distance seduce all the competitors and visitors as much as the 4 restaurants and numerous pools of the complex surrounded by palm trees and nature, a few miles away from Albufeira’s city centre.

The appeal to comeback in holidays with families is strong for all the delighted visitors who find in the around the clock hotel staff solutions concerning any issues.

Portugal did it’s best and the hospitality and availability of all here makes everyone feel at home and dreaming about getting back.