Simply irresistible Malta

The 2023 EBSA European Snooker Championships started March 5th and come to an end, with Men’s competition semis and Grand Final this Saturday at St. Paul’s Bay Dolmen Hotel, but surely almost every competitor and families that came to the Mediterranean country wish to comeback one day on vacation.

Republic Street, in Valetta: amazing historical heritage

7 thousand years of a rich and fantastic History seduce everyone. Malta is one of a kind. And special to visit. If not for the Meditarrean and vacations, do it for the cuisine, the mix of flavours from Magrebe and African influences. And of course, Italy’, with ferryboat taking just 1 hour and a half from Sicily island here.

Maltese Parliament, in Valetta

Phoenicians, French, Germand during World War II, England, Greece: name a country with history and tradition on trading on the former millenium and you’ll find signs of them all over Malta. His strategic positioning, in the middle of the Mediterranean, was never underlined by the former navigators.

Mediterranean Sea and his crystal clear water is always an appeal on the warm days

A visit do Valetta confirms the ‘melting pot’ of several civilizations sights. And ‘The Silent City’ of Mdina smaches by the gigantic and ancient walls and neverending churches: yes, Malta has more churches, over 350, than square quilometres. The Knights of Malta are remembered everywhere, and nowadays tourism became a vital economic activity: restaurants, hotels, transportation services are available everywhere.

The doors are a special attraction to pay attention in Malta: they have all kinds of objetcs and animals

For architet’s, it’s also a seducton: baroque, gotic, renaissance,, victorian – just name a style and tendence because I’m sure you will find it in Malta. The size and grandeur of the centenarium buildings surprise the foreigners. And they all raise the ‘white flag’: you can never see it all at once. The best reason to comeback later on. ‘Grazzi, Malta!»

Roman civilization signs and temples are everywhere in the main Island

The half a million maltese are a friendly people and love to socialize. And beeing English one of the countries official languages – Maltese is a mix of Italian and Arabic, though – makes it easier for the visitor.

Valetta’s harbour entrance is under severe vigilance for houndreds of years