The Dolmen’s appeal

For the 2nd time, after 2015, St. Paul’s Bay Dolmen Hotel were the headquarters of the EBSA European Snooker Championships this 2023. And the seduction of the magnificent 5 stars resort as convinced every single one of the 412 competitors, 41 referees, Officials and families to get back to the place and enjoy the huge ammount of adventures and services that the guests might try.

The view is simply… amazing

The gigantic 488 rooms complex was packed and crowded since March 5th, the 1st day of the European Snooker Championships, and during this 2 weeks they show all the goodwill in order to satisfy all the guest’s requests and gave the most useful informations to the competitors and families.

The ancient stone temple seduces: History is all over in Malta… and names the hotel

With his Indoor pool the at Spa, the outside pool, Delos and Menhir Restaurant’s and even the casino inside the building, placed with a fantistic seaview, the facilites convinced everyone to comeback a next time but then in holidays and not as competitors.

Reception Desk: Germany’s Student twins always with a smile for the guests

For 2 weeks, the adrenalin and huge amount of people coming and going we’re received with a smile from all the Reception Desk team, starting by the Germany’s Student twins: no, we were not seeing doubled. A smile and a friendly word was there for all.

Pool, the sea, sun, excellent cuisine, massages at the Spa, 488 rooms availabrle… and friendly staff

The Delos Room, main venue for the 2023 European Snooker Championships that will end this Saturday March 18th, was, again, a sublime place to play snooker, with all the conditions for the competitios. The appeal of 7 thousand yeas of Malta’s history starts with the Dolmen, in the middle of the outside garden, which was preserved and turned to be, without surprise, the name picked-up to baptize the hotel.

The Dolmen Hotel Animation Crew: always positive, with joy and a smile

Tours and excursions to all Malta’s brightest and most appealling spots, massages at the Spa or even tips about where to have a unique dinner experience and places to visit: hotel’s staff have been there for all 24 hours a day.

The Dolmen Hotel Delos Room, superb main venue of the Championships: 10 tables were settled here