The Man in the Middle for the 6 Reds Final

Igor Miskovic from Belgrade is the ‘6 Reds’ European Final Referee and the local man is thrilled to have been picked for the job, he said “It is an honour for our Country to host the European Championships and to be picked to referee this final is just fantastic, I am thrilled. The ‘6 Reds’ is a fantastic concept in our game and everyone has enjoyed the tournament so far and I can’t wait for the final later today, I hope that I can do a good job”.

Igor has been a top class International Referee for six years now having worked in Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania and in Bor here in Serbia so he has that bit of extra experience.

Now the 36 year old Serbian gets to referee a major final, not only in his Country, but in his City too!

Best of luck to the players and the Referee on what should be a very special occasion for everyone.