The Polish Business, Artists and Sports Snooker Championships 2023

The Polish Business, Artists and Sports Snooker Championships jumps to the next level! 💪
For the last few months, together with the agency, we have been working to make our tournament stand out not only for the great atmosphere and sporting rivalry but also… sonically!
💎 🎶 🔊
This is certainly the first snooker event in Poland, and perhaps in the world, to boast its own original sound setting. The unique sound logo and theme song, prepared just for us, was created based on the snooker holy grail – the number 147.

The setting is like the world championships – sums up @Marcin Nitschke, brand owner and snooker European Championships medalist. 🏆
Where will we be using the music? Among other things, you will hear it during the final gala of this year’s Championship.

Remember these three characteristic notes. They will accompany this great tournament from now on as its sonic ‘calling card’,” says @Paweł Ptaszyński sound strategy developer at
Below is a clip that tells the behind-the-scenes story of the creation of this project and lets us in on what our sporting event will sound like. 👇

See you (and hear you) in August in Górzykowo!