The Three Musketeers

Portugal has no competitors anymore in the knock-out stages of this U18 European Snooker Championships in Albufeira but still three local musketeers make a regular appearance in the 16 tables for refereeing.

André Santos, aged 27, born in the nearby city of Lagos, Miguel Santos from Lisbon, aged 45, and João Correia Leão, 26 years old from Coimbra, play at home in this year’s event and do their best to make the newcomers feel like it they were at home too.

Players, parents, fans of the sport, they all can ask the Portuguese refereeing trio for any clue about all kinds of information: nearest supermarket, barber shop or a good place to eat, even. Be sure you’ll have an answer with a smile attached.

Their joy and satisfaction comes from making everybody feel like if they were at home too. 2020 European Snooker Championships Russian’s Head Referee Vadim Krivda understands the pride and significance for this three men but mostly for Portugal and all his billiards athletes and fans to have someone also shining with their gloves on.