U16 final undwerway

The best of 5 frames U16 event of the 2023 EBSA European Snooker Championships is on the run this Wednesday night at Table 3 of the 16 settled at St. Paul’s Bay Dolmen Hotel between Bulgaria’s Maksim Kostov and Scotland’s Jack Borwick.

Nine of 16 tables settled at St. Paul’s Bay Dolmen Hotel: all eyes at U16 final on Table 3, Borwich vs Kostov

Attendind the match in the audience and among the fans Maksim’s father brought a bulgarian flag and Jake’s mummy also has a Scottish one in her bag in order not to give bad luck to the youngsters aiming to succeed Latvia’s Artemijs Zizins as the new european U16 king.

Hungary’s Veronika Kovacs assists Northern Ireland’s referee Seamus Gallagher at the U16 final

The match is broadcast live not only by EBSA livestream through but alfo for Malta TV: even with the U18 event best of 5 frames round-robin matches on the run at the tables aside, all eyes for Table 3, where the first of four 2023 european snooker champions to be crowned until March 18th is about to be found tonight.

Bulgaria’s Maksim Kostov one step away from U16 glory…

The U16 Grand Final has Northern Ireland’s Seamus Gallagher as referee and Hungary’s Veronika Kovacs as marker.

Scotland’s Jack Borwick playing the U16 final: the all Dunfermline is behind him tonight