U21 welcome ceremony

The best of 5 Frames round-robin matches of the 2023 EBSA U21 European Snooker Championships started this Thursday March 9th at St. Paul’s Bay Dolmen hotel for 96 competitors in Malta.

Belgium betting high at the U21 event: fellow contryman Ben Mertens won the U21 event in 2021

Before the first matches of the 3rd event in this year’s Championships started EBSA General Secretary Simon Smith and Malta Billiards and Snooker Association President Ivan Brincat gave a warm welcome to the players and clarified some doubts everyone might have regarding regulations and rules for the event.

Vladislav Gradinari, U16 new champion Jack Borwick and Liam Pullen: after U16 and U18, now the U21

The race to find who succeeds Welshman Liam Davies becoming the new U21 european snooker champion has began and will end only Sunday March11th with the best of 9 Frames final match.

U21’s event round-robin matches started along with the Last 16 round knock-out stage of the U18 event

For some of the competitors, like Scotland’s new U16 european champion Jack Borwick it will be the 3rd event they will play in Malta and some strong candidates, also in the likes of Welshman Liam Davies, era in the house to race for the crown and a possible nomination from EBSA to World Snooker to get their ticket for two years competint in the tour as a pro. A lot at stake now: all hopes and dreams are welcome.

Wives, parents, brothers and relatives of the competitors and referees are also enthusiastic snooker fans