143 break for U21 European Champion Dylan Emery

Welshman U21 European Snooker Champion Dylan Emery goes straight to the top of the best break list round-robin stage matches so far at Albufeira’s Men/Mixed event at the 2021 EBSA European Snooker Championships with a 143 points break on frame 3 of his 3-1 win over England’s Sean O’Sullivan in Group AE.

Emery gets the highest break so far in four events at Albufeira’s VidaMar Hotel Resort Algarve. A remarkable achievement after beating Belgian Julien Leclercq by 5 frames to 2 in the final of the U21 event on Thursday. The match between Emery and O’Sullivan was refereed by Poland’s Mateusz Rusin.

The knockout stages of the Men/Mixed event wil start for Last 60 competitors at 4, 6 and 8 p.m. sessions this Sunday and will be played best of 7 frames until the semis – final will be played best of 9 frames at Salgados.

Along with the knockout stage of the Men/Mixed event, Monday October 11th brings also a welcome meeting for Women and Seniors events at 6 p.m. and fhr first matches on the Seniors event round-robin stage for 80 players, to be played best of 5 frames. The knockout stage of the Seniors event will be played best of 7 frames.

Women event has 32 candidatos and the first matches will be played next Tuesday (October 12th) in the morning sessions, always best of seven frames.