6 Teams events Semifinals on the run

The semifinals of the 2021 EBSA European Snooker Championships Teams events (Men, Women and Seniors) are on the run at Albufeira’s VidaMar Resort Hotel Algarve.

England vs Belgium in one of the Women Teams semis

Ireland battling Northern Ireland in Seniors semifinals – being played best of 7, like Men Teams event semis – and a clash between Wales and Russia in Men Teams are some of the more interesting matches to follow.

Scotland vs Malta in Seniors Team semifinals

Belgium facing France – with Belgian Julien Leclercq playing for his own country in his 29th match in 4 events at the 2021 EBSA European Snooker Championships (runner-up in U18 and U21, played also the Men/Mixed event) in the other Men Teams semifinal, and Scotland taking on Malta at Salgados on Seniors semis also are enough reasons to pay a visit at Salgados at this last decisions day where 12 more medals are already booked for this 6 semifinalists teams.

France vs Belgium is one of Men Teams semis on the run

Hopes double for England on Women Teams event, with two pairs facing Germany and Belgium (playing best of 5 frames) and keeping alive the dream of a all-Three Lions final later this Sunday October 17th.

Ireland vs Norther Ireland: fasten your seatbelts in Seniors Team semis

The finals will be played from 2 p.m. and the trophys to all teams will be delivered at a Closing Official Ceremony scheduled for 6.30 p.m. at the main venue of the VidaMar Hotel Resort Hotel.

Wales vs Russia, big blash in Men Teams semis

So Far, in the 2021 EBSA European Snooker Championships medals race, after 6 events Belgium and Wales granted 2 golds ones each, while Estonia and England the other two.

Belgium has also two silver medals won. But England, with 1 silver and 3 bronze also assured, granted already 5 medals before the 3 Teams events semis. England leads in medals and still two more will come from the Three Lions from Women Teams competition; the question is if they are going to be gold or silver, because two more bronze ones are already granted in the event.