A blitz start for Darren Morgan in Albena

Darren Morgan made a blitz start at the 2023 European Seniors individual Championships in Albena (Bulgaria). The 12-time champion opened his quest for an eighth title in a row by beating Frank Nitsche (Germany) 3:0. Morgan made just one break of 40+ points but needed less than an hour to complete the win.

Nitsche had to play with a cast on his left hand after suffering a misfortunate accident over the weekend. He played with a great courage but had troubles throughout the match cueing especially from the cushions.

Also in Group A of the tournament Jean-Marc Beauchamp (France) blew a two frame lead against James Darcy (Ireland). The Irishman nearly stole the opening frame from 51 points down and inadvertently potted the 14th red in the second frame while trying to lay a snooker. Darcy however levelled the score by clearing the colors and cliched the decider with a couple of decent breaks to complete the comeback.