A feast of snooker for the fans

Portugal’s and all over Europe snooker fans are having a feast for free at this EBSA 2021 European Snooker Championships until October 17th at the Vidamar Resort Hotel Algarve.

Sixteen tables with exciting matches to watch from 10 a.m. until close to midnight some days at the venue provide the sports lovers the time of their lives.

The gathering of the players and referees families and friends brings the best of snooker lovers: they are a real family and most of the times when they’re not playing at the table they are supporting any fellow countryman or  friend from one of the more than 160 seats for free for the public to watch in this huge snooker party.

Seeing the fans smiles reenergizes even the most tired ones working in order that the train goes on track at this 2021 EBSA European Snooker Championships.