Battle for two remaining places in Ladies Last 16

Battle for two remaining places in Ladies Last 16

Round-robin stage of 2015 European Snooker Championships get to their end this Tuesday, in Prague, and in Ladies things are almost 100 per cent defined.

With 14 of the 28 players that started the competition already through, and four struggling for two vacancies, one in Group C and the other one in Group D, to get Last 16 knock-out stage.

In Group A, Wendy Jans (Belgium, six wins), Yana Shut (Russia, three wins), Malgorzata Sikorska (Poland, three wins) and Irina Gorbataya (Russia, also three wins) secured their places.

Tatjana Vasiljeva (Latvia, six wins), Jennifer Zehentner (Germany, three wins), Claudia Weber (Switzerland, three wins) and Nastya Toumilovich (Belarus, four wins) got the four seats for Last 16 in Group B.

In Group C, Daria Sirotina (Russia, six wins), Melissa Eens (Belgium, four wins) and Eva Maskova (Czech Republic, three wins) are through. Diana Schuler (Germany, two wins) and Aleksandra Wojtecka (Poland, also two wins) are battling for last place available in Last 16 this last day of group phase.

Also interesting is Group D. Anastasia Nechaeva (Russia, six wins), Nikoleta Nikolova (Bulgaria, three wins) and pictured Diana Stateczny (Germany, four wins) will continue to next stage, Tam Dan Tach (Denmark, two wins) and Manon Melief (Netherlands, two wins) struggle to continue: it might require frame difference to untie this race.