Only ten seats still available for Men’s Last 64

Only ten seats still available for Men’s Last 64

Great battle in perspective in Groups J and K for this Tuesday, last day of round-robin stage of this 2015 European Snooker Championships: a total of eight players, in these two groups of Men’s competition, fight for four places available (two in each group, where the first four go through).

After six days of competition, the big cut, from the 107 players present in Men’s event, to only Last 64 knock-out stage, are about to be fully knowned in Prague. Only ten places are available, and 54 are already through.

One chair available in Groups A, B, C, F, G and H and two gaps to fulfill from Groups G and K, and all the names of Last 64 will be knowned.

In Group A, Kristján Helgason (Iceland, six wins), Marcin Nitsche (Poland, three wins) and Antonis Poullos (Cyprus, four wins) are through, while Ivan Kakovski (Russia, two wins) and Michael B Andersen (Denmark, two wins) fight for last place available.

Kacper Filipiak (Poland, six wins), Janne Hummastenniemi (Finland, four wins) and Tin Venos (Croatia, three wins) got their tickets already in Group B. Tuesday’s question is to know who will be joining them in Last 64, Lee Mein (Scotland, two wins) or Rene Dikstra (Netherlands, two wins).

Michael Collumb (Scotland, six wins), Paul Schopf (Austria, three wins) and Samuel Thomas (Wales, three wins) are through from Group C, where Rui Santos (Portugal, one win) and Barseg Petrosyan (Russia, one win) will play, from 3 p. m local time in Prague a real final (Table 7) for the fourth place and the chance to be in Last 64.

Andres Petrov (Estonia, four wins), Sasa Stojanovic (Serbia, three wins), Sigurdur Kristjánsson (Iceland, three wins) and Rodion Judin (Latvia, two wins) got the four plaves in Last 64 from Group D already.

Brendan O’Donoghue (Ireland, six wins) Lukas Kleckers (Germany, four wins), Danni Bismoot (Israel, three wins) and Antti Tolvanen (Finland, two wins) got their tickets in Group E also.

Greg Casey (Ireland, five wins), Roman Dietzel (Germany, four wins) and Bratislav Krastev (Bulgaria, three wins) got their chairs in Group F: Daniel Mily (Czech Republic, two wins) and Richard Van Leeuwen (Netherlands, three wins) discuss the last seat available in the house for Last 64 coming from this group.

In Group G, Antony Parsons (England, six wins), Brian Cini (Malta, four wins) and Sanjin Kusan (Croatia, three wins) are through, Daniel Kohout (Czech Republic, two wins) and Vladislav Kalinovski (Belarus, two wins) fight four last seat.

John Whitty (England, six wins), Sascha Lippe (Germany, three wins) and the local Lukas Krenek (Czech Republic, four wins) shined in Group H: last place will go either for Spasian Spasov (Bulgaria, two wins) or Sasa Novak (Croatia, two wins).

To close closely is the most balanced Group J, where four players run for two places in first four, while Raymond Fry (Northern Ireland, five wins) and Tomasz Skalski (Belgium, four wins) are already qualified for next stage.

Also with four players still dreaming to get two tickets for Last 64 is Group K. Jason Peplow (Malta, five wins) and Adam Stefanów (Poland, four wins)  are through already.

Robert Carlisle (Scotland, four wins), Tyler Rees (Wales, three wins), Maor Shalon (Israel, four wins) and Jurian Heusdens (Belgium, three wins) defined first four places in Group L.

No doubts also in Group M: all four seats taken by Mateusz Baranovski (Poland, five wins), Cormac Mc Quillan (Northern Ireland, three wins), Mika Hummelin (Finland, three wins) and Tomas Kubicek (Cazech Republic, two wins).

Rene Kampe (Denmark, four wins), Krzystof Wrobel (Austria, four wins), Vilius Schulte (Lituania, four wins) and Soma Berghold (Hungary, two wins), from Group N, also booked already their presence in Last 64 knock-out stage.

Michael Wild (England, five wins), pictured Shachar Ruberg (Israel, four wins), Danny Eriksen (Denmark, three wins) and Marko Vukovic (Serbia, two wins) are granted in Last 64 coming from Group P.

Declan Lavery (Northern Ireland, five wins), Gregory Kopec (France, two wins) Ismail Turker (Turkey, three wins) and Simunas Dragunas (Lithuania, two wins) also solved their problems in Group Q.

Last but not least, in Group R Jamie Rhys Clarke (Wales, four wins), Aaron Busuttil (Malta, five wins) Jurgen Van Roy (Belgium, three wins) and Felix Frede (Germany, two wins) completed their task to assure they will be in Last 64.