Bosnia and Serbia together thanks to snooker

Bosnia and Serbia together thanks to snooker

As a social sport, regarding thins important in table and in life such as discipline, friendship, or respect, it’s only natural that snooker can help providing bridges all over the war.

In 2015 European Snooker Championships even Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia, two of the countries that emerged after Yugoslavia disaggregation, and that battled in the Balcans War for years, can get together and celebrate even love. After being at war from 1991 untill 1995, the two countries get along just fine.

And to prove it, in Prague’s event Bosnia-Herzegovina is present for the first time, like Italy. With joy and a lot more. Kenan Tersic, aged 34, smiles like a kid having his favorite toy for Christmas and delighted cause this new generation promotes peace, not wat. The czech gathering had Cupido and his arrows pointed to him and serbian Class 3 referee Tatjana Ilic, aged 26.


«We fall in love. Speak the same language. Make love, not war. We thank snooker for bringing us together», told us the brand new happy couple, a very unlikely and virtually impossible union 20 years ago.