Belarus in Action at Cue Zone Day 8

Belarus in Action at Cue Zone Day 8

The final session of the EBSA Coaching Zone with EBSA head Coach PJ Nolan was held this morning in the Hot Shots S.C involving Belarus Junior Lady player Yana Shut. Players from Belarus, Estonia, Denmark, Austria, Israel, Ireland, Wales, Sweden, Bulgaria and the Netherlands attended the Cue Zones in Zielona Gora Poland during the Championships here in Poland.

Belarus in Action at Cue Zone Day 8The Cue Zones have been organised by The European Billiards & Snooker Association to highlight the EBSA Coaching Academy. At present EBSA have 14 Qualified coaches from Ireland, France, Romania, Israel, Bulgaria, Wales, Malta, Germany and Spain on their coaching team.

This morning PJ worked with the 15 year old Belarus player on improving her Approach and Stance by coming in on the line of aim. Yana also practiced some of PJ’s training routines to improve their break building and Cue Ball Control.

Each morning from 9am-10.30am during the 2013 EBSA Snooker Championships in Poland, PJ and his team of EBSA Coaches conducted free sessions for all the players.

Maxime Cassis new Chairman of the EBSA said the Cue Zones were a major success. He confirmed that Cue Zones will be held during all EBSA events in the future and congratulated PJ and his EBSA Coaching Team on a job well done.

Belarus in Action at Cue Zone Day 8

If you would like to become a EBSA Official Snooker Coach, first step is to get your National Governing body to write to the EBSA to nominate you to apply for a course.  For more information on the coaching Click on ” Coaching ” on web site or email PJ on