Diana Stateczny gets to Last 8 on the black

Diana Stateczny gets to Last 8 on the black

Winning in the black ball of the deciding frame (3-2), there’s the show all snooker fans love to watch. And that was precisely what Diana Stateczny (Germany, pictured) achieved this Thursday afternoon, after an almost five hours match against Irina Gorbataya (Russia), in Ladies 2015 European Snooker Championships Last 16 matches.

Main favorites Wendy Jans (Belgium) and Tatjana Vasiljeva (Latvia) got also clear victories (3-0), and in last eight of women competition we’ll have the Belgian star Jans and the Baltic queen Vasiljeva. Belarus, Germany and Russia rule, having themselves two players in quarterfinals.

The scores of this Thursday morning Ladies 2015 European Snooker Championship Last 16 round of matches were as follows:

Daria Sirotina (Russia)-Claudia Weber (Switzerland), 3-0

Nikoleta Nikolova (Bulgaria)-Yana Shut (Belarus), 1-3

Diana Stateczny (Germany)-Irina Gorbataya (Russia), 3-2

Eva Maskova (Czech Republic)-Tatjana Vasiljeva (Latvia), 0-3

Anastasia Nechaeva (Russia)-Christelle Pedat (France), 3-2

Diana Schuler (Germany)-Nastya Toumilovitch (Belarus), 1-3

Melissa Eens (Belgium)-Jennifer Zehentner (Germany), 1-3

Manon Melief (Netherlands)-Wendy Jans (Belgium), 0-3

The 2015 Ladies European Snooker Championships quarterfinals will also be played next Friday (June 12th) morning, starting at 10 a. m., best of seven frames, with the following matches:

Daria Sirotina (Russia)-Yana Shut (Belarus)

Diana Stateczny (Germany)-Tatjana Vasiljeva (Latvia)

Anastasia Nechaeva (Russia)-Nastya Toumilovitch (Belarus)

Jennifer Zehentner (Germany)-Wendy Jans (Belgium)