Dylan Emery is the new U21 European Champion

Dylan Emery is the U21 European Snooker Champion, after defeating Belgian’s Julien Leclercq by 5 frames to 2 this Thursday afternoon at Albufeira’s Vidamar Resort Hotel Algarve in the final of the 2021 EBSA European Snooker Championships.

Maxime Cassis, Dylan Emery, Julien Leclercq and Ricardo Salgado

Welshman Emery, aged 20, succeeds Ireland’s Aaron Hill as the new European king and will get the EBSA nomination to World Snooker.

Thw finalists, the two referees, EBSA President and Vice-President and Competition Manager: a moment to remember

Emery lead always on the final (2-0, 2-1, 4-1) and imposed Leclercq a tough second defeat in an European Snooker Championship Final in just four days – to the Belgian, who had lost U18 final last Monday to his fellow countryman Ben Mertens by 3 frames to 4.

Dylan’s mum, Michelle, supported thw Welshman until the end and got a well deserved kiss after he won it

«I’m over the Moon by this win. Wanna thank my family and friends for all the support. I would not have make it without them. I guess there will be a big party back home already. It feels good. I’ve been so close to play on main tour several times and finally knock at the door», told us 20 years old new U21 European Snooker Champion, with friendly nice words also for his opponent Julien Leclercq, who got two defeats in two finals in just four days since Monday.

Belgian Ben Mertens, U18 European Champion, got the best breaak of the U21 event: 133 points

«He is very good player and person, will get there, all my respect and credit on what he achieved in Albufeira already», said Dylan, confident thar Julien «will soon win some very important title, too».