EBSA Annual General Meeting 2021

No less than 35 European delegates + EBSA Board members attended the 2021 EBSA Annual General Meeting (AGM) held Saturday 9th October at 10 am at the VidaMar Resort Hotel.

Countries delegates gathered to discuss paths for the development of the Snooker in Europe.

EBSA President Maxime Cassis, invited two important guests to the AGM : The IBSF Vice-President Jim Leacy and the WPBSA Chairman Jason Ferguson.

«All delegates are glad and feel enthusiastic to see the game of Snooker growing everywhere. EBSA is the amateur organisation for Snooker in Europe – It cooperates with both the IBSF and the WPBSA in the promotion of the Snooker especially for the Juniors» told us Maxime Cassis.

Several countries appllied to EBSA to host the 2022 and 2023 championships

«The joy for the development of the sport is general, I hope we can all continue with this strength working together for the good of the game», added the EBSA president.

«It’s fantastic to see many countries applying to host future championships for 2022, such as Albania, Russia, Bulgaria, and Poland or Malta, Italy and Hungary for 2023. This shows a lot of interest and pleases us all. It shows that snooker is growing and getting stronger every year», said Maxime Cassis.